• Load image into Gallery viewer, FREE JUNKIE PACK TRIAL!!
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, FREE JUNKIE PACK TRIAL!!


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Eat Trash, Not Junk.

Plenty of “healthy” snacks are roasted. Some include “smoke flavoring”. Most use cheap oils or artificial flavors, and leave you feeling terrible (Hello, Junk Food!). Tired of being sick? Maybe it’s time to trash up your snack game.

Trash Nuts have a stupidly simple ingredient list: Almonds. Real Wood Smoke. Salt. That’s it (unless you count love).

Start your free trial of Trash Nuts Monthly 4x Junkie Pack and get your fix of healthy treats delivered to your front door, and we'll send you two boxes free. Rain or shine, pandemic or apocalypse, we'll do what it takes to get 4 boxes of our nuts in your hands, each and every month. (Click the "Add to Cart" button above to get your two free boxes on us!)

Why "Trash Nuts"?

Years ago, I began smoking over a 55-gallon "ugly drum smoker" built by my buddy Matt. My kids joked that it looked like a trash can. We lovingly dubbed the resulting smoky roasted morsels "Trash Nuts", and the name stuck. That old smoker has since been retired, but the simple recipe that made Trash Nuts so coveted has stayed the same.

Love our almonds or hate them, that's your business. Making 100% pure smoked almonds is ours.

Complete your order to get two free boxes of Trash Nuts (just pay our psychotically reasonable shipping rate), and we'll take care of the rest. You'll be automatically enrolled in our 4-pack monthly subscription ($25.90 + Free Shipping), ensuring you get a fresh delivery of America's Smokiest Almonds every 30 days, billing your card on file. Free trial lasts 14 days. Once your trial period ends, the first 4-pack will be billed and shipped immediately.

*If you are planning to cancel right after ordering, do not order this product. This is a subscription product you will not be able to cancel until after your second delivery or you will have to pay a cancellation fee to turn your free two-pack into a one-time purchase. For one-time purchase please go to our products page and select from among the non-subscription products. If you'd like to cancel the subscription please click the contact us link!

Thanks you for supporting my small business and I hope Trash Nuts can satisfy your snack cravings as much as they do mine!

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